The Rapunzel Infinity scarf is now available as a kit on Craftsy.

Rapunzel Infinity is a completely reversible infinity scarf. It features lace and reversible cables, and is knit flat and grafted together at the end.  Rapunzel’s braid is shown in the centre of the infinity scarf, surrounded by thorns on both sides.

Rapunzel is a German fairy tale in which an enchantress has imprisoned a young girl in a tower. Rapunzel has long, golden hair, and she lowers her braid from the tower so that the enchantress can visit her. One day a prince pretends to be the enchantress, visits her and they fall in love. They plan her escape, but the enchantress finds out and casts out Rapunzel. She then pretends to be Rapunzel, and the prince climbs up to meet her. When she tells him he will never see Rapunzel again, he leaps from the tower in despair and is blinded by the thorns below.

The pattern is also available in PDF format, both as a single pattern for $5.00

or as a part of the Fairy Tale Lace collection, which contains 7 patterns all inspired by fairy tales.  The Fairy Tale Lace e-book is $20.00 and is also available in PDF format.


4 Responses to Rapunzel Infinity Kit

  1. Deb says:

    I just bought this kit and can’t wait to knit it. Love it!

  2. audrey crompton says:

    Outstanding! Thanks!

  3. Vicki Lacillade says:

    What does CDD mean? I am knitting the Rapunzel Infinity scarf and this Abbreviation is in the pattern many times.

  4. Anna says:

    Centered double decrease.
    It’s worked as: slip 2 stitches together, knit wise, knit 1 stitch, and then pass slipped stitches over.

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