Skuld is the first shawl in a series of three shawls on the theme of the three Norns (Urðr, Verðandi and Skuld) in Norse mythology. The determine the fate of all living creatures by spinning the threads of life. And they water Yggdrasil – the tree of life – so the branches do not dry out or rot.

Skuld is the Norn representing the future, and since the future is dark and unknown for us mortals, I choose to use “Sleep Comes Down” in dark blues and black.

The Norns are responsible for spinning the threads of life for all living things, and our lives are all intertwined.

The shawl is knit from side to side, with the edging knit as part of the pattern. The pattern is charted, and the lace pattern is only on every other row.

Finished measurements: 195 cm x 70 cm (77″ x 28″) adjustable in pattern

Yarn: 440 yds/4 oz of Sappho II from the Sanguine Gryphon (single-ply fingering weight yarn – 100% merino) in Sleep Comes Down or similar colour

Needles: 4.0 mm needles

It is available in downloadable .pdf format.

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