These are all single patterns. For patterns available in books, please check out the book section.

Lace Shawls:

RockslideMystic CuppaMystic VortexMystic OceanVittranMystic SupernovaRapunzel InfinityGretel's ShawlStar of EarthThe Little Match GirlSix Pomegranate SeedsPied PiperCheshire Cat ShawlMystic DelightHugin & MuninMystic FireRanrikeHuldranMystic Midsummer WreathJeg Lagde MegShe's Like the SwallowHavsfrunAli BabaOrchid ViewPrincess CottongrassShaShaShawlMarushkaJelling Rune StonesTanumshedeL'Anse Aux MeadowsUrdrVerdandiSkuldEyjafjallajökullMystic DesireMystic WatersMystic LightMystic AirMystic EarthMystic RosesMystic DiamondsMystic EmbersMystic StarMystic MeadowsLuscious ForestsLiljekonvalj PonchoSumac Leaf ShawlCall of the SirensMystic IceLightning Shawl

Lace Scarves:

Thistle ScarfIronwrought ScarfSilvesterRiverside WrapSouth for the WinterStained Glass Lace ScarfBlackheart Scarf

Fingerless Mittens:
ZenwaldIcingEragonStalactiteIce DancingCapillary

Midgard SerpentTrysilLa ToupieHrungnir's HeartStarLightTopkapi


Spelunking CardiganCayuga CardiganVancouver SweaterBurridge Lake Aran AfghanRimfrost CowlTouque

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  1. […] Knit and Knag Designs has a beautiful knitted lace shawl pattern that has been inspired by the volcano, and it’s appropriately titled the Eyjafjallajökull Shawl. […]