Advent KALendar 2017 – Svarog

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It’s that time of year again! Advent is rapidly approaching, and it’s time to wind your yarn, sharpen your needles, and get ready for the knitting Advent KALendar!


The Advent KALendar is a shawl knitalong will be published in 24 daily clues, from Dec 1-24, 2017. Each day you will get a piece of the pattern to enjoy, and by Christmas you will have a completed shawl. While the kids are enjoying their chocolate calendar (or better yet – while you’re eating chocolate from your very own advent calendar), you get an even better advent treat in the form of small, daily clues that will become a finished lace shawl by Christmas.

The shawl design is inspired by Svarog (the father of Dažbog, who inspired the 2016 Advent KALendar). Svarog is the slavic god of the sun, fire guard and protector of blacksmiths. He is the creator of the sky and the master of all other gods.

According to some stories, Svarog sleeps and in his dream he created this world. He cannot act directly on the physical and material environment that he dreams, but he can affect the willingness of other gods, and his influence is enormous. His two sons are Dažbog (the sun-god and the god of fire), and Svaroži? (the god of fireplace). Svarog’s awakening will mark the end of the world.

Sign ups are now open!

If you’d like to take a look at the previous years’ Advent KALendars, here they are.  In 2015 we knit Zorya. IMG_6079

And in 2016 we knit Dažbog.


Reversible Lace

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I’m really excited to share my new collection with you!

Reversible Lace is an e-book with seven completely reversible lace patterns. There will be patterns added over the next several months (roughly one pattern per month) with new and exciting lace shawls to knit.


I’ve been working on this project for several years – researching reversible lace patterns, and putting them together in new and exciting designs. These shawls are meant to be worn, and you will never have to worry that the “wrong” side is showing, since there is no wrong side.


The first pattern in the collection is Cosmonita. It uses old Shetland motifs to create an airy shawl with various diamond patterns on the body of the shawl, and a delicate edging with clusters of stars.  Cosmonita is worked in several different directions. It starts with a provisional cast-on for the body. Then stitches are picked up for the diamond border, and the shawl is finished with a knit on edging. The shawl is garter based and there are no purl stitches used.

The shawl uses approx 140 g (500 yds) of yarn.


The collection is published as an ebook containing 7 shawl patterns. The subsequent patterns will be added over time, during the period August 2017-March 2018. You will receive an email notice each time an update is available. Please click on the link and download the latest version of the ebook. Each update will include all the patterns released to date.

The Reversible Lace collection is available as an e-book for $20.

Patterns are also available to purchase individually.
Cosmonita is available as a PDF download for $6.00


Mystic Mist KAL

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New Mystery KAL!

Mystic Mist was inspired by a crisp fall morning in Rhinebeck, NY. I was driving across the Rhinecliff Bridge to get to the New York Sheep & Wool Festival as the mist rose over the Hudson River. After a while the sun broke through the mist, and I could see the spectacular golds and browns of the fall colours, and I knew I had to knit a tribute. At the festival, I found the perfect yarn from Fiber Optic Yarns to capture the feeling.

Mystic Mist is a circular shawl, published in mystery KAL format. You will need approx. 1300 yards of fingering weight yarn (2 paintboxes + 1 matching skein). There is also a semicircular version of the shawl, which uses approx. 650 yards (1 paintbox + 0.5 matching skeins).
The shawl is designed for the paintbox gradient kits from Fiber Optic Yarns with a matching solid skein (see below for details), but can also be knit in one solid colour, or full gradient.

The pattern is available for $6 until the release of the first clue.

KAL START DATE: Aug 23, 2017
Clues posted every Wednesday for 6 consecutive weeks.

Note: The pattern has been discounted from the regular pattern price. Once the first clue is posted on Aug 23, the pattern price will increase to $8.00.

Mystic Mist is a circular shawl, published in mystery KAL format. You will need approx. 1300 yards of fingering weight yarn (2 paintboxes + 1 matching skein). There is also a semicircular version of the shawl, which uses approx. 650 yards (1 paintbox + 0.5 matching skeins).
The shawl is designed for the paintbox gradient kits from Fiber Optic Yarns with a matching solid skein (see below for details), but can also be knit in one solid colour, or full gradient.

1 skein Fiber Optics Yarn Foot Notes in Sterling
2 boxes Fiber Optics Yarn Foot Notes Paintbox Gradient in Steampunk
4.5 mm (US 7) circular needles
4.5 mm (US 7) double-pointed needles (optional)
4.5 mm (US 7) crochet hook (optional)
Stitch markers
Large-eyed, blunt needle


Mystic Sunset KAL

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IMG_0850New Mystery KAL for the summer of 2016.

The golden yellow sun grows heavy after a long day and sinks lower and lower. It lingers on the horizon and then dips below, leaving the sky a brilliant cascade of colours – orange to red, fading to pink and into a deep purple night sky.

Mystic Sunset pairs a tangerine to ultraviolet gradient set with a solid colour to create a spectacular sunset shawl in which to wrap yourself.

The pattern is available for $6 until the release of the first clue.

The KAL is broken into 3 pieces – swatch, and two clues of the pattern
Swatch pattern available immediately.
First clue posted on Friday, July 15, 2016.
Second clue posted on Friday, July 29, 2016.
Note: The pattern has been discounted from the regular pattern price. Once the first clue is posted on July 15, the pattern price will increase to $8.00.

1 skein Fiber Optics Yarn Foot Notes in sterling (Colour 1)
1 box Fiber Optics Yarn Foot Notes Paintbox Gradient in Tangerine-Ultraviolet (Colour 2)


Adjustable in pattern. As shown, with 1 solid skein of Fiber Optics Yarn Foot Notes and 1 Paintbox gradient, you can get a shawl of the following dimensions:
Wingspan: 80 in (202 cm)
Height: 24 in (61 cm)


More Love

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We need more love in the world. After one more mass shooting, one more senseless display of hate – this time in Orlando, FL – I’d like to make this pattern available to spread the love and in show of support for the LGBT community.


This glove-design is inspired by the Aroha hat by Kelly Brooker of Pekapeka. If you want to knit a matching hat, make sure to check out her pattern.

1 skein of Classic Wool DK Superwash from Paton (100% wool – 125 yds/114 m per 50 g) or similar yarn
approx 10 m each of 6 different colours of fingering weight yarn for the hearts
4.0 mm (US 6) needles
tapestry needle

The More Love pattern is available here for $3.00.

Note: This pattern is available for free with the coupon code MORELOVE until July 4, 2016.


I just spent several days at the St. Peter’s Abbey in Muenster, SK.  The Saskatchewan Stitches Conference takes place here every year, and I was one of the instructors.

The conference is organized by Haus of Stitches in nearby Humboldt, SK.  Haus of Stitches is a lovely store that carries just about everything you need for quilting, sewing, knitting and crochet.


When I visited the shop, I was immediately drawn to the wall with this gorgeous quilt having on in.  And after a while, I realized that my books were on display on top of the shelves filled with yarn.  :-)


I arrived at the Abbey on Thursday afternoon, and had dinner with the group.  In the evening Jodi Barrows gave a talk about her Square in a Square quilting system.  I’m not a quilter at all, but I was intrigued by her applied geometry skills.

Over the course of the next 3 days, I taught 6 knitting classes.  On Friday we kicked off with an introduction to lace where we learned everything from basic lace stitches to how to read charts, and how to block your lace.  And then in the afternoon we continued with a class on how fix mistakes in lace knitting.


Everyone did really well.  Here’s a picture of one of the students repairing her lace work.  Several people told me afterwords that they would never have attempted such complicated repairs before the class, but that they were feeling quite confident they had learned some new skills that could be applied in future projects.

On Saturday I taught two classes on shawl construction – basically how to create shawls in different shapes.  In the morning we looked as basic triangles and rectangles, and covered some of the more common shapes.  And in the afternoon we made several different types of crescents and circles.  Towards the end of the class, the students were all able to look at shawls differently, and just by a glance tell how the shawl was constructed, and not only that – they could apply the knowledge and knit little mini-shawls in that shape without any instructions from me.  I consider that a great success!  I look forward to seeing some future designs from these talented ladies.


On Monday, we shifted gears entirely.  In the morning we were doing colourwork.  We tried out hands at slipped stitch knitting, intarsia and stranded knitting (Fair Isle).


And in the afternoon we covered four different ways of making reversible cables.


The evenings were full of show and tell, and various presentations.  I did say before that I’m not a quilter, but I really did see some fabulous quilts.  I won’t share them all here, but one of my favourites was this Gypsy Wife quilt, quilted by Dianne Jansson.  It almost makes me want to bring out the sewing machine.  :-)


All in all – I had a wonderful time at the Saskatchewan Stitches Conference.  Can’t wait to go back!


Cloudborn Yarn

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Did you know that Craftsy sells yarn and kits in addition to the classes?

In the fall, Craftsy launched a new line of yarn, called Cloudborn.  I’ve had the chance to work with Cloudborn yarn a fair bit, and I have to say I’m really impressed.

My Cheshire Cat shawl was knit in Cloudborn Merino Superwash Sock Twist, which is a light fingering weight yarn.  It’s was a great yarn to use for shawls, and I thought that the colours of Alice in Wonderland’s dress would be fabulous for the Cheshire Cat shawl.



Salacia is another shawl I’ve designed with Cloudborn yarn. For that one I used Cloudborn Alpaca & Highland Naturals – a fingering weight 50/50 wool-alpaca blend with a slight halo that lends itself wonderfully to warm shawls.



I’m also in the process of knitting up a blanket in Cloudborn Superwash Merino Worsted Twist.  The colours are vibrant and the yarn is smooth and good to work with.  The pattern isn’t out yet, but when it is, it will be available as a kit from Craftsy.


My kits, and many others are available at Craftsy.  As I am a Craftsy instructor, if you do shop there using my affiliate link, you will also be supporting me as a designer.  The yarn is very affordable and versatile.  Lots of options out there!





Mystic Haven Clue 1

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The Mystic Haven KAL started yesterday.  As always, it’s really fun to see the beginnings of people’s shawls.  Here is mine, up through the first clue.

Mystic Haven


The shawl is knit with one gradient skein like this:

KnitCircus gradient

As you can see, the pattern does not just use the gradient from one end to the other, but breaks up the segments and alternates them.  I just love how the colours in this gradient work together, and by using both ends of the yarn, we get to see the different colours touching in the shawl.  It’s a little hard to see in the picture of my shawl, but right near the end of clue 1, the colour is starting to get darker and darker, and we’ll see more of that colour in clue 2.

If you’d like to join us, sign-ups are still open.  Also, if you haven’t already found the Knit & Knag Designs group on Ravelry, come check it out.  There’s a discussion thread as well as a spoiler thread with progress pictures of the shawl.


Salacia single pattern / kit

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The Salacia shawl is now available as a single pattern as well as a in a kit from Craftsy.
I got a chance to design the shawl in the fall as a part of Craftsy launching Cloudborn Yarn.  There were many amazing yarns to choose from, and I was immediately drawn to the Cloudborn Alpaca & Highland Naturals yarn.  It’s a fingering weight yarn, with a 50/50 blend of alpaca and wool.  It’s wonderfully soft and airy, and the naturals just have such an amazing depth to them.  The shawl actually uses three different shades – smoke, stone and espresso.


The shawl is knit from the neck to edge with the sand coloured sections filled of tiny bubbles made by the waves lapping the shore. The edging has large, dark pearls – jewels of the sea for the sea goddess – and ends in waves.

So often in lace knitting, there are straight lines.  There are lots of stitch patterns with diamonds and such, but knitting circles and bubbles is a little less common.  I found that the sandy sections were very relaxing to knit.  As I was knitting my little bubbles, I was just enjoying the soft yarn.  The pearls required a little bit more attention to the chart, of course, but it’s neat to see how the circles form.

The Salacia Shawl is named after the the goddess of the sea and springs in Roman mythology. Salacia was the queen of the oceans and the wife of Neptune.


The pattern is available as a single PDF pattern for $7.00



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I usually try to limit myself to three active WIPs at a time.  I find that if I have more, some tend to fall by the wayside.  And they do.  It doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t be finished, mind you, but it does mean that they will take longer than they really should.

At the moment, my most active WIP is my new blanket.  It’s coming along nicely.  I’m very excited about this design and project.  I’ve been wanting to make a new blanket for the cottage, and this will be it.  We close down our cottage for the winter (as it is an uninsulated log cabin), but once temperatures get to be consistently above freezing (hopefully in less than a month), we’ll be opening it up, and then it will be great to have a new blanket to cuddle under.
I’ve already written up the pattern, but I need to finish the whole blanket and take some nice pictures before it can be released, of course.

I’m also working on a new shawl pattern for my next book.  Can’t say too much about it at the moment, but here’s a teeny tiny sneak peak of scrumptious red yarn from Spirit Trail Fiberworks and the early beginnings of a new shawl.



The third project that is at the front of my mind this week is of course Mystic Haven.  While the knitting is complete for me (the ends are sewn in, it’s blocked, and I’ve taken lots of nice pictures that I can’t share), I’m doing the layout for the pattern files for the individual clues.  Nykki (sammiegray on Ravelry) has offered to create the written instructions for this pattern, so in addition to the charts, there will also be full written out instructions for anyone who wants them.  Sign-ups for the KAL are still open, of course, and the first clue will be released on March 30.

Mystic Haven


And of course I would be remiss, if I didn’t mention that I’m also working on the next Mystic KAL design.  I have yet to wind the yarn – I’ll probably get to that after Easter – but I do have a clear idea of where this shawl design is going, and I’m very excited about it.CaribouBaa