Mystic Waters

Mystic WatersHave you ever found yourself staring into a deep ocean pondering the mysteries beneath the surface? Or swam in a dark lake at sunset? Do you feel the lightness of the summer rain? Water has many forms and faces, and yet they are all the same – simple H2O.
The Mystic Waters Shawl is inspired by water in its many forms. The main motif suggests a waterfall and the frothy bubbles where the waterfall hits the lake. Above the waterfall we have a few rows of snowflakes – the unique winter form of water. Surrounding the waterfall are patterns of pouring rain, and the edging is reminiscent of frost flowers on the windows at wintertime.
Mystic Waters is the first shawl in the Mystic Elements series (followed by Mystic Light, Mystic Earth and Mystic Air).
The shawl is knit from the bottom point up towards the neck.  The pattern is charted, and the lace pattern is only on every other row.

Finished measurements: large (height 128 cm/50″, width 250 cm/98″), small (height 97 cm, width 180 cm)

Yarn: 1,200 m/200 g of lace weight yarn

Needles: 3.75 mm circular needles

It is available in downloadable pdf-format.

Mystic Waters

3 Responses to Mystic Waters

  1. Annie Graham says:

    Nice!!! It’s b****y beautiful! and gorgeous and amazing and awesome? Am hanging up my needles now.

  2. janmaus says:

    Couldn’t edit my previous post–Mystic Light was what I meant, not Mystic Fire

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