Princess Cottongrass (Prinsessan Tuvstarr och Älgen Skutt) is the second shawl in the Fairy Tale KAL. The shawl design is based on a Swedish Fairy Tale about a princess who had never left the dream castle before. She meets Long-Leg Leap, the elk, and he takes her out to see the world. In the deep, dark forest they encounter fairies and other mythical creatures, and Princess Cottongrass loses her crown, her dress, and finally her heart.

On the shawl we can see trees (representing the forest) and her crown.  The scalloped edge which is reminiscent of the Princess’ dress, and of course the hearts for her lost heart.  The shawl is knit from the edge up towards the neck.  This is actually the first shawl I’ve designed using this particular construction.  I’ve always been a little hesitant to start with casting on lots and lots of stitches, but I have to say that it’s really nice to knit a shawl like this, because every row gets shorter and shorter (= faster and faster) so it feels like it’s knitting up really quickly.

The Princess Cottongrass shawl is knit in a brown colour that captures the colour of the tree trunks in the forest, and the colour of Princess Cottongrass’ companion, Long-Leg Leap. The colour Woodsy was especially created for this shawl by Roxanne at Zen Yarn Garden, and the yarn used was Serenity Silk III.

The pattern is currently only available as a part of the Fairy Tale KAL.