Ottawa Knitting Guild – Sept 2011

On September 20, 2011, in Shaping Shawls, by Anna

Now that a new season is almost upon us, everything seems to start anew.  The kids start school, I’m finally getting a chance to sit down and focus on the new book, and the Ottawa Knitting Guild starts up again for the year.  The OKG had asked me to be the speaker this month, and more specifically to talk about Shaping Shawls.  So yesterday evening, I gathered up all the shawl samples from the book and headed to the meeting.

For the presentation I talked mainly about my journey through lace design – and how I spent a long time just exploring and playing with different shapes.  From the basic rectangles, through various triangles, and then combinations of shapes, and modifications of the shapes to create additional canvas space.

Due to some technical difficulties, we could not use the overhead projector, which was unfortunate.  But Jana & Anne helped me out by holding the samples high while I was talking about them, and in the break, we left all the samples out on the table in the front so that people had a chance to get a closer look.

I had also brought a number of books – and signed them for anyone who wanted.

This picture was taken by Francine Herbert of Fancy That, and she was super-fast in blogging about yesterday.  In addition to knitting (and blogging), Francine makes gorgeous shawl pins.  The copper-S one is one of my favourite kinds.  And one of these days, soon, there will be lovely shawl pictures here with her fancy pins.  :-)

All in all, it was a lovely evening, and I had a chance to sit and knit and chat with lots of people, among others Karen, Natalie and Nancy who all were sitting very close to me.  After the crazy week I had last week, it was absolutely amazing to get some time to focus on knitting and pleasant chatting.  Thanks to everyone who came yesterday.