One of the best parts of going to shows like Rhinebeck is meeting up with so many fabulous people.  And then there is the people-watching too….. or rather, the constant parade of handknits.  Where else do you go up to a complete stranger and start asking them about what they are wearing?

Heather Dixon of Army of Knitters came to visit at the booth, wearing some of her latest creations.  No pictures of her snogging a polar bear this time…  just Heather and her dress.  I love that dress, by the way.  If only I had more time to knit.  :-)

Kim McBrien from indigodragonfly stopped by as well, and I had a chance to show her the latest design I’m working on in her gorgeous MCN lace.

And then I had the pleasure of seeing some knitters from Ravelry wearing some of my patterns.  Rose-Marie came all the way from Sweden, wearing her Icing gloves.  She helped out as a test-knitter for those very gloves a couple of months ago, and it was a delight to meet her in person.

Lyra did not come from quite as far away, but she was delightful too.  She was wearing her Mystic Midsummer Wreath.

And then there was Valerie, wearing Mystic Waters.  She and her friends were easy to spot because they had all knit the most fabulous Rhinebeck hats.  They were all different, but all adorned with sparkly sequins.  I wish I had a picture of all of them together, but alas….. didn’t have the camera out at the time.

And speaking of shawls….. here’s Shannon Okey wearing her version of Margarita Leaves, knit in a lace weight yarn from Alisha Goes Around.

I also ran into the Ottawa contingent a number of times – here is Genevieve Noel (turtlepurl) and Natalie Servant, along with Stephanie Tallent (who is not from Ottawa, but rather sunny California).  This was at the Ravelry meetup on Saturday.

I saw Gryphon from the Sanguine Gryphon a number of times during the weekend, including at dinner on Saturday, but also working the booth, or just walking around with Lia.  This picture is from the SG booth – not during the peak-times, but it was still rather busy.

Sarah from the Sanguine Gryphon was also around throughout the weekend.  Here is one shot of her in full costume.

And then another one from the dinner that evening of Kate from Dragonfly Fibers, Sarah to the right, and Anne-lise in the corner.

Last, but not least, we have Amy Detjen making funny faces at the camera, while checking out Extreme Double-Knitting.

As I mentioned yesterday, the booth was bustling throughout the weekend, and here’s another shot of the crowds in the Cooperative Press booth.

So needless to say, there were many others who came to see us, and whom I got to visit in their booths or just ran into in the chai line.  Or the pickle line.  Not kidding – while standing in line to buy some NY deli style pickles to take home for the kids, I ran into Galina Khmeleva (the Orenburg lace maven) who told me that this place sold the best pickles outside of Russia.  Since I’ve never been to Russia, I can’t say for certain, but in any case, the pickles are delicious.

All in all – a wonderful weekend, made even better by all the amazing people I met.  I look forward to next year already.